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Kamis, 28 Juni 2012

0 Play Game Boy Color Directly From Website

Hello gamers! See you again in different Get Info Blog. This time not sharing GDI website which can mainin game boy color without any additional downloads or plugins (good for nostalgia: D). A little info, which makes it unique emulator that is created using Javascript and using HTML 5 so just open the web and play, this is the first step in cloud gaming.

Ok. Immediately, who want to reminisce or who have never tried gameboycolor please visit

>> select a game to be played by selectgame
>> can also drag n drop game gameboycolor of computer gamers

Setting controler
X / A = A
Z / Y / Q = B
Shift = Select
Enter = Start
D-Pad = joypad
ESC = Fullscreen
R = Raise Volume
D = Lower Volume

so first post from the GDI, may be useful

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