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Minggu, 13 November 2011

0 Modifications Pulley Matic Drag Bikes or Matic Road Race

Users who wanted to matic much faster. Finally, many home buying or home roller pulley. Main follow-up without knowing the function and usefulness of the pulley. As the need for long and short tracks, different spec. Puli to long track as the drag bike. There is also a pulley for short tracks like the road race. Depending also on the capacity of the machine used. Do not caplok pulleys to drag when the motor is still the standard or only 130 cc. Initial attraction will certainly become even more sluggish.
Gambar How to Modifikasi Puli Motor Matic Drag Bikes.
In choosing or modification of pulleys, could be asked to mechanical road raceand drag bike.

Racing road race, mostly supported the short tracks. The length of the track straight under 200 yards. Many twists and short tracks of less than 100 meters. If the track kind of way, setting the machine to be made easily cried. "In order for the engine rpm quickly soared. If the motor is made like a duck coupled, "aka Mian review Sumingan, mechanical BBS Bandung that many make automatic road race. To outsmart to scream at lower rpm, Mian attach additional ring at the front pulley. Originally only one ring, plus a two ring. Or make yourself a thicker ring. What matters can be installed.
Ring rumah roller dipasang 2 atau 1 Ring untuk Matic Road Race.
For those who do not like modifications, can also buy ready-made pulleys. But the pulley to this short track was difficult to track. As there are pulleys K3 artificial Kawahara for Mio. There is a set of pulleys, pulley cover (iron) and equipped with roller Yamaha Fino. Puli was originally meant to be drag bike. "If for the road race, rollernya have replaced disposable Mio," said Mariasan pocket, mechanical JP Racing. So that more machines can be invited to yell when the acceleration due to a loose roller gap.

If you want to modify the standard pulley for drag bikes matic, of course, still might have. Especially motor that has got a touch Bore up. The way is to cut the bushing holder roller pulley home. 1-2 mm cut it enough or sufficiently. Depending kemaun and mechanical purposes.
Potong Bushing untuk Motor Drag Matic.
For the cheaper modification is widely applied mechanics wild or drag racingbike. In order for v-belt can be held high and top-speed jump. But lap down or acceleration of heavy rada because the belt had jammed pulley. Puli follow-up also modified. Chronology of the roller is made up of. So that the rollers can move up and top-desired speed could be more increases. For those who wanted to buy directly caplok pulleys so, a lot also. Because artificial Thailand most recommended to drag with a long track.

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