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Kamis, 06 Oktober 2011

0 Dino Crisis 2

When Capcom unveiled Dino Crisis last year, it proved that its now-classic Resident Evil formula could not only be used to create more games in the Resident Evil series, but also to create brand-new franchises. It was highly reminiscent of Resident Evil, so much so that it could be argued that Capcom simply replaced the zombies with carnivorous dinosaurs and then thought up a story to tie it all together. Still, its solid gameplay and several interesting deviations from Resident Evil made Dino Crisis a solid addition to Capcom's survival-horror lineup. Unlike its predecessor, Dino Crisis 2 successfully steps away from the shadow of Resident Evil and ditches the tired formula of the original in favor of more action-orientated gameplay - and it's an exceptional game as a result.
In Dino Crisis 2, the government has secretly been continuing Dr. Kirk's mysterious third-energy experiments - which caused all the dinosaur havoc in the first game - and it has once again ruptured time. Consequently, the entire island housing the secret facility and the neighboring metropolis have completely vanished. The government has organized a crack team of operatives to enter an experimental time device and travel to the era they suspect the island disappeared to in an effort to rescue any survivors and recover the third-energy device. As the opening sequence reveals, most of the team is killed by a savage dinosaur attack, and only three operatives survive the brutal onslaught. Over the course of the game, you'll run into oddly futuristic characters and will learn that your mission isn't as simple as you may have first thought.
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